Please let me know if you would like to speak with one of my clients or students. I’m happy to put you in touch.

Teaching Testimonials:

These testimonials were submitted anonymously to the English Department by my students at Vanderbilt.

Professor Sullivan was easily my favorite professor this semester, and one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of taking during my time at Vanderbilt. She was extremely organized from day one, and made her expectations for the class clear. Within the first five minutes of class, it became evident that she was intelligent, engaging, funny, and dedicated.”


“Valerie was great. She showed a lot of enthusiasm about everyone’s story as well as the outside reading she had assigned for us. She was extremely helpful in her comments and feedback to us and I was glad to have her as a professor this semester.”


“Very nice and understanding professor, but knows when to set the limit of kindness. A really effective professor who did a good job directing discussions and made me think of aspects of [writing] I usually don’t pay attention to.”


Enthusiastic about the subject. Loved that she was so close to age as students: she knew what we were going through and could relate to the subject matter in our stories.”


Student and Parent Testimonials:

If you would like to speak directly to the parents of students whom I have helped with college admissions essays, I’m happy to provide contact information.

Valerie helped both my children with their college essays. Both were accepted to their top choices: Bowdoin College and Williams College. Since then I have recommended Valerie to several of my friends and they have all loved her as well. I highly recommend Valerie for any type of writing you may need.”

– Parent of students admitted to WILLIAMS COLLEGE and BOWDOIN COLLEGE

“Valerie’s services are truly stellar. I sought her help with editing the personal and research statements that I had to write for my applications to PhD programs. She was able to greatly strengthen each of my essays, providing fantastic suggestions on ways to improve the grammar, structure, and tone of my writing. I was particularly impressed by her ability to find my voice, and not only maintain but strengthen it through her edits.

– Student admitted to NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY 

“Valerie did a wonderful job editing both my medical school and residency application personal statements. She encouraged me to use my own voice and gave plenty of positive feedback, but she also was able to offer constructive criticism. She helped to make my essays the best they could be. Thanks, Valerie!”


“Valerie was instrumental in helping me refine my business school essays from jumbled thoughts into a singular focus. I would recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their persuasive writing skills.

– Student admitted to NEW YORK UNIVERSITY

Corporate Testimonials:

I can’t say enough great things about Valerie and her writing prowess. She took several projects that we had had on our to-do list for better than 9 months and made them happen in under 8 weeks. In addition to outstanding writing abilities, her project management process is spot on. She does an incredible job of setting expectations and then delivering. I have been unbelievably impressed... My partner and I joke when we get a first draft of something, ‘It was awesome, as always.’ She just has this incredible ability to interview you, and then take your garbled mess of an explanation and turn it into something articulate, professional, fun, provocative, educational… whatever voice you need it to be.  She is top notch in my book.”

– Stacey McKibbin, Chief Operating Officer, MULTIVARIABLE SOLUTIONS

“Our company has utilized Valerie Sullivan Loss’s services for a number of projects including website content, press releases and case studies. Valerie is a true professional. She takes the time to understand our business from our perspective as well as through the eyes of our customers. This has allowed her to provide content that one would expect from a seasoned employee and exceeded our expectations. She is a pleasure to do business with.”

– Gordon Krass, President and Chief Operating Officer, NOBELBIZ, INC.